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Your company produces products that are in demand in the domestic and foreign markets, but there are no established ways to sell the company’s goods

Turnkey supplies abroad

You have buyers in Russia or other countries, but there is no understanding of how to carry out foreign economic activity in the current realities


Our opportunities


Advance paynemt

The team carries out preliminary calculations of export and import duties for distribution in Europe. We cooperate with legal entities within the framework of distribution of goods in Europe on a turnkey basis.


Verification and analysis

We promptly check trademarks and check information about all restrictions and prohibitions on the import and export of any type of product. This ensures turnkey sales of products in Europe.


Cost optimization

To minimize costs, you can store products in the Russian Federation. We provide our own trade and logistics center with an area of 4,000 sq.m. (licenses of Temporary Storage Warehouse, Customs Warehouse and Commercial Warehouse).



We pack the goods and divide the products into batches, and provide warehouse procedures.


Own vehicle fleet

Having our own fleet of vehicles for international transport, we provide assistance in the delivery and distribution of goods.


Checking counterparties

We check contractors for dishonesty in the European Union, Turkey and China. This minimizes risks when establishing trade relations with foreign companies.


Sample delivery

We help with the delivery of test batches and samples so that you can decide to purchase a larger batch of goods.


Turnkey foreign trade services

We offer comprehensive services, including customs clearance and warehousing services. This approach allows you to reduce costs at each stage.

Why choose us?

Advantages of working with VAVS

We delve into the situation of each client in detail and develop a solution that will allow us to organize the purchase and delivery of goods on a turnkey basis from Europe, China and other countries without additional costs with optimal delivery times for goods.


Registration of permits

we take care of the issues of registration of numerous permitting documents and the need to establish sales channels for products


Flexible financial approach

after checking the counterparty, we provide a deferred payment for delivery, for transportation abroad, etc. The sales agent assumes the risks



after concluding a contract, we provide free consultations on the nuances of foreign economic activity and calculation of duties



when establishing supply chain management abroad, we act as a guarantor


Currency payments

we can make currency payments through our representative offices in Asia, the European Union and Turkey, and we act as a guarantor of transactions.

Logistics solutions

Implemented projects

Logistics solutions for export are built taking into account the specialization of the enterprises that have become our partners. We take care of all processes of shipment/transportation of components and finished goods. We make business processes easier for our partners.

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