Customs clearance

We advise clients on matters related to the export and import of goods in the Russian Federation and provide customs clearance services. Our experts work with the client to find the fastest and best option for customs clearance.

If the shipment was carried out by our company, we take care of the preparation of many documents. We use our own transport, so we receive the documents for cargo clearance immediately after crossing the EEU border.


By the time the truck arrives at the customs terminal, our customs clearance specialist already has the necessary set of documents at his disposal.

The customer must provide the following documents for customs clearance:

  1. Constituent documents (for organizations – Charter, for individual entrepreneurs – certificate of registration)
  2. Contract for customs clearance with VAVS
  3. Foreign trade agreement (contract) with all annexes and appendices
  4. The TSD (invoice, packing list)
  5. Consignment notes (railway bill of lading, CMR, TIR, TTN, bill of lading, air waybill, etc.)
  6. Document confirming compliance with currency control requirements:
    unique number of the contract (number assigned by the authorized bank when the contract is registered):
    – for import contracts, if the amount exceeds 3 million rubles.
    – for export contracts, if the amount exceeds 6 million rubles.
  7. Technical documentation for the imported batch of goods (description, quality certificate, product data sheet, drawings, photos, labels, etc.)

Additional documents depending on the terms of delivery and type of goods:

  1. Payment order and other payment documents for the goods (if the contract provides for prepayment)
  2. Contract for transportation services with all annexes (if transportation is paid separately by the buyer). Application for transportation of consignment (if any)
  3. Invoice for transport services and other expenses related to the transport of goods (e.g. insurance, transhipment, parking, etc.) with a breakdown of the expenses for the foreign territory and for the territory of the customs union (if the transport is paid separately by the buyer)
  4. Certificate of country of origin
  5. Authorization documents, depending on the type of goods (certificate/declaration of conformity of GOST R, certificate/declaration of conformity of technical regulations, etc.).
  6. Export declaration of the country of export
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