Container rail transportation

VAVS is an operator of the fast container train (FCT), which departs twice a month from China to Ulyanovsk. The travel time is 16-18 days. The company has its own fleet of specialized vehicles. This allows organizing road transportation including heavy containers (up to 26 tons).

From Ulyanovsk we deliver cargoes to the Volga region, as well as to Europe. Another option is to continue delivering cargo under customs seal to the customs authority specified by the customer, including outside Russia.

For companies in the Volga region, shipping to Ulyanovsk reduces the transit time by 2-3 times, and the cost of delivery decreases by 20-30%.

Conducting customs formalities in Ulyanovsk and subsequent delivery across Russia is faster and more profitable than using ocean container lines to Novorossiysk and St. Petersburg, feeder container lines to ports in the Far East (Vladivostok, Nakhodka). Railway delivery to the CCS via container terminals of the Moscow transport hub is less attractive because of their congestion and difficult predictability of costs and time.



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