Customs warehouses and temporary storage warehouse

VAVS is an international company with branches in Europe, China, Russia and Turkey. In addition to our 4000 m2 warehouse in Ulyanovsk we have our own class B+ warehouses in Poland (Warsaw), China (Shanghai/Harbin), Germany (Dortmund) and Turkey (Istanbul).

All complexes are equipped with round-the-clock video surveillance, security alarms, fire protection systems, shelving, loading and unloading equipment (stackers from 1 ton to 5 tons of load capacity), overpasses, dockers.

For the convenience of our customers – multinational companies – warehouses are open 24/7 without weekends and holidays.

Temporary Storage Warehouses Service

Storage in Temporary Storage Warehouses (TSW) may be required if the client does not have time to perform customs clearance within the time frame allotted by law or if customs inspection/examination has been assigned when checking the declaration of goods.

All VAVS terminals are equipped with scales with different weighing ranges. This is necessary for the customer to conduct a preliminary inspection of the incoming cargo or a customs inspection/examination. VAVS employees represent the interests of customers in the appointment of such control measures. For this it is sufficient to execute a power of attorney for the responsible employee of our company. All shipments are placed in secure premises with the necessary temperature regime and with observance of all peculiarities of their storage.

Customs Warehouse Services

Customs warehouses are designed to accommodate goods imported into Russia. The bonded warehouse service allows you to keep foreign goods there for up to three years, to carry out labeling and pre-sale preparation, and to sell goods in batches.

Customs warehouses are primarily used for the storage and distribution of foreign goods. A customs warehouse license allows large batches of goods to be imported and then sold to Russian buyers under direct contracts in small batches. In this case, the buyer can deal with customs clearance himself.

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