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История компании

The history of VAVS began with the desire of several enthusiasts from Ulyanovsk to join forces and create a local company in the region that would deal with the international freight transportation. In 2017 we delivered the first shipment from China to Ulyanovsk. In 2020 we took the lead in the Volga region in international groupage cargo deliveries. And in 2021 we started offering services to clients all over Russia.

We are sure that the successful development of VAVS is based on the professionalism of our team and its sincere desire to create a reliable logistics company of international level in the region.

Today VAVS delivers cargo from China, Turkey and Europe. We offer customers a full package of services for import and export operations, including customs clearance, terminal and warehousing services.


Our benefits

Our own transport fleet

For international cargo shipments we use our own vehicles and we are confident in their technical condition, which allows us to avoid breakdowns and deliver the goods on time

Our own warehouses

We have warehouses in Europe, Turkey and China, as well as customs terminals in Russia. A well-developed infrastructure helps us ensure tight delivery times.

Cargo liability

Each shipment is insured by the carrier's liability insurance We have all the necessary resources and experience to deal with any emergencies.

Openness to any task

Our experience and resources allow us to take on the most complex orders related to the delivery, export and import of goods For each client, we select the logistics solution that will quickly solve the problem without overpaying.

Monitoring of the delivery process

Each stage of transportation is controlled by the automated cargo accounting system, which minimizes the risk of errors. Our staff accompanies the entire delivery process and is always in touch with the customer.

Marking and document control

All shipments undergo a mandatory document check and marking before they are shipped to the Russian Federation Each step is controlled by VAVS specialists: we check customs documents, weight and characteristics of the cargo in order to minimize customs risks for customers.

Наша команда

Evgeniya Vinohodova

Head of the department of transportation from China

«The secret of our success is flexibility»

I joined the company as a manager of a temporary storage warehouse. In two years I grew to become the head of the department for shipping from China. I got three employees, with whom I managed to build a well-organized work. I think my professional growth has started here – VAVS made me “ignite”, helped me to learn my profession from the ground up, taught me to love what I do. Our company is different from others – everything here is transparent and open, there is no bureaucracy and no closed doors. We constantly interact with each other and help in difficult situations. The atmosphere and the team energize you.

As a logistics destination, China is complex and unstable, and the pandemic only made things worse. New regulations appeared, some provinces were closed, and the supply chain changed. Many logistics companies could not cope with the situation and closed. We, on the contrary, are growing and getting stronger. I think the decisive factor in this was the team’s flexibility: the ability to adapt to new conditions and the high speed of decision-making.

Sergey Ignatov


«I’m proud that I didn’t bring any fines from the trip»

As for me, doing my job well means calculating the route correctly, being on time at all the points, taking into account local time, and getting through the border without any questions. If there were no calls from the office during the trip, it means that everything is quiet, everything goes according to plan. Accuracy, precision and punctuality are very important in our work. I am proud of the fact that over the years I have not brought a single fine from the trip.

The most difficult thing is not the rules of different countries or the handling of documents, but the language barrier. In Germany, for example, Bovarians do not want to communicate in English on principle and ask to switch to German. In such cases, the Internet and interpreter services come to the rescue. For me, working in international transport is a constant development and a great pleasure. I visit many countries, get to know people, their culture, learn languages. Some people wait all year for a vacation to see other countries, and I work here.

Alexander Potapov

Chief Operating Officer

«Every customer is a favorite»

I have been involved in cargo transportation since 1999, worked in management positions in large companies in Kazan and Yekaterinburg. The idea of creating a company in Ulyanovsk from scratch seemed tempting. It was an opportunity for me to realize myself, to use my accumulated experience and try to do better than others.

International transportation is a complicated business with a lot of risks: you need to know the rules of each country, take into account the nuances of movement, know how to work with documents. But despite this, VAVS has managed to enter the market aggressively: we started with two vehicles in the fleet, and 5 years later we went beyond the Volga region and set ourselves the ambitious goal to grow by 15-20% every year.

I think the secret of the company’s success is mobility and a high level of service. Every client is a favorite of ours. We are flexible and quickly adapt to the client. We solve their problems on a turnkey basis and offer transparent and clear prices. Service quality is becoming an important selection criterion nowadays, and clients are becoming more and more demanding. We are chosen because we offer a very high level of service.

Maxim Khabiev

Head of groupage cargo transportation from the EU and Turkey

«The most important thing in working with a client is respect and goodwill»

We have been working with many customers for several years and we understand each other from the word go. We know what kind of information the customer is interested in – one is interested in the smallest details of the delivery process, while another is interested only in a photo with the number of the transit declaration after the cargo has passed the border. VAVS has very good delivery terms for groupage cargo, but there are cases of force majeure which cannot be influenced. Sometimes the shipment can be delayed at the border – for example due to political disputes between countries or technical failures of the system. We keep these risks in mind and calculate the shipment with a margin. But even if the delivery is suddenly delayed, our customers are very understanding. I think this attitude is due to our approach to work – we build friendly respectful relations with customers, we appreciate each of them, we meet them halfway. And they behave the same way in return.

I joined the company in 2017 as a transportation manager, learning the profession from scratch, working hard. During these years I managed to prove myself well, and now I am in charge of the department. It’s an achievement for me to become a professional in a new field, and it’s a joy to be in the company of people with bright eyes and great desire to work

Evgeny Pozemnov

Warehouse manager in Ulyanovsk

«Our business is to provide quality service»

I am responsible for the work of the customs terminal in Ulyanovsk, I coordinate the work of a team of six people. Vehicles with consolidated cargoes from Europe, Turkey, and China arrive at our warehouse almost daily. Here the cargo is unloaded and placed in the temporary storage warehouse. If necessary, we take part in the customs inspection on behalf of the client. Individual terminal employees control the release of goods after the completion of customs procedures and ensure cooperation with the customs office, which is located at our terminal.

Our department is not engaged in sales or development of new products, our business is to provide quality service to customers every day. This is our contribution to the development of the company.



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