Consolidated cargo delivery

International delivery of consolidated cargo is the most popular service among our customers. We give an opportunity to send even a small batch of goods and pay only for the actual volume of occupied space. VAVS delivers consolidated shipments from China, Europe, Turkey and offers its customers low prices, optimal delivery time and world-class service.


Why choose us?

Competitive price

Many logistics companies are not able to offer a client international cargo delivery services on a turnkey basis, but can offer only part of it: either delivery, or customs clearance, or terminal services. At each stage - a separate contract and new costs. It is difficult for the client to get the final cost and terms of delivery from the chain of executors. VAVS has a different approach to the problem. We offer a full range of services for foreign trade transactions. We have our own fleet of trucks and container trains. We have certificates of the Federal Customs Service of Russia to operate as a customs carrier, customs representative, temporary storage warehouse, customs warehouse. This allows customers to avoid unnecessary paperwork, and us to guarantee low cost of provided logistics services.


Customer’s comfort is important to us, so we have built the delivery process in such a way that his presence is not required at any stage. All consolidated shipments arrive at our customs terminals. At the same time, for their customs clearance, even in the case of appointment of customs inspection / examination, the presence of representatives of the customer is not required. Once the customs formalities are completed, we deliver the shipment directly to the customer's door.

Speed of delivery

Delivery speed is one of the most important criteria in logistics. That's why we use our own transport, our own warehouses and our own IT-systems that allow us to control the transportation. Our delivery scheme makes it possible to deliver goods 2-3 times faster than other companies. We consolidate consolidated shipments at major warehouses and then deliver them to neighboring regions in smaller vehicles. Thus, from Europe, we collect consolidated shipments at a warehouse in Poland, the car goes directly to Ulyanovsk, and from Ulyanovsk goods are delivered to the regions of the Russian Federation. As a result, cargo from Warsaw to Samara reaches us in 6 days, not 2-3 weeks.

What information about the shipment will be required?

Cargo delivery begins with an application form. For the application, most often it is enough to provide the address of loading and unloading, the address of the customs authority in Russia, the name of the cargo, the number and type of cargo items, dimensions and weight characteristics. More detailed requirements for international transportation can be found in the Contract of carriage and in the Application for carriage of goods.