VAVS company selected as terminal services operator

The VAVS company, the operator of its own container terminal, provided transport and terminal services to a new plant under construction in the industrial zone in Ulyanovsk.

The VAVS infrastructure includes a cargo terminal, a category B+ warehouse with an area of 4,000 sq.m, open temporary storage warehouse areas (temporary storage warehouse), an indoor warehouse with the ability to maintain temperature conditions and equipped with a specialized ventilation and fire safety system, a container site at 10,000 sq.m. with equipment for unloading containers, a customs warehouse with the possibility of mandatory labeling.

The cargo terminal is equipped with modern equipment where cargo transportation and distribution operations can be carried out. This is where cargo is consolidated and sorted for further movement.

The Ulyanovsk customs post is also located on the territory, which can significantly save the recipient’s time, because The cargo can be placed at a temporary storage warehouse at any time for further carrying out all customs procedures.

Terminal service usually occurs according to a pre-planned plan and includes several mandatory items:

Checking the condition of containers after transportation: is everything safe and sound;
Moving containers to the receiving area for further cargo processing;
Transportation to the final destination terminal.

The VAVS company is located in the industrial zone in close proximity to the largest enterprises engaged in foreign economic activity in the Ulyanovsk region.

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