Meeting with representatives of the profession in the field of Transport and Logistics

On February 21, 2023, students of group L-21 took part in a meeting with specialists – representatives of the specialty “Logistics”, with the support of the Center for Advanced Professional Training of the Ulyanovsk Region.
Ruslan Vasilyevich Zhakhin, commercial director of Vavs LLC, a transport and logistics company for international cargo delivery, was invited to the meeting. In a friendly conversation, the guys learned about the demand for specialists in the specialty “Operational Activities in Logistics” in the employment market, opportunities for career and professional growth, the history of Ruslan Vasilyevich’s own professional development, and specific features associated with professional tasks.
The main questions that interested the students were about how to become a successful specialist, how the learning process affects further results in professional activities, and what is the level of remuneration in this field. At the end of the meeting, the students voiced the idea that “success loves hardworking professionals who are ready for constant growth and self-improvement, since everything around is changeable and does not tolerate stagnation.”

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