Coaching session with specialists from VAVS LLC “Forecast. Control. Optimization”

On October 20, the COPP organized a coaching session at the Ulyanovsk Aviation College – Interregional Competence Center for 24 students.

The speakers were:

Head of the commercial department of VAVS LLC Ruslan Zhakhin,

Coordinator of training groups at VAVS LLC Alexey Karpov.

The platform was moderated by Guzyaliya Gorbunova, employment specialist for UAVIAK graduates.

The guys were presented with a curriculum for internships for students who want to try themselves in international logistics and cross-border trade. It was developed by specialists from VAVS LLC.

Also, a business game “Cargo Logistics” was held for students with a simple but interesting task on the topic of cargo logistics.

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